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What is Scout?

Scout is your obedient data-tracking friend. It will dutifully report on as many Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles as you ask it to, without complaint.

How does Scout work?

Scout arranges the data you want to track in the form of graphs, allowing you to make annotations to explain which part of your awesome digital campaign drove the huge spikes in growth (you arranged the on-pitch performance, right?).

How can you get access to Scout?

Ask us... please email and let us know what you need.

How can you use Scout?

There are two main ways you can use Scout.

1.) You can compare your data to your immediate peers in your league or federation.


2.) To anyone with similar growth stats from any sector we're tracking.

You can also download the raw data to manipulate at your leisure, and Scout will email every morning (if you want it to) with updated numbers.

What does Scout track?

For Twitter and Instagram, Scout tracks follower counts.

Scout tracks follower counts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In all cases, the strength is in Scout's breadth of data. We've been tracking lots of properties for many months, and if there's anything you need that we're not recording, just ask and we'll arrange it.

In short, you can think of Scout as a faithful dog, or maybe an airborne drone, but with significantly lower running costs.